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Photos captured by Jeff Carlson




Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Although I’ve covered Apple and the Mac for almost two decades, I don’t have many photos of the late, truly great, Steve Jobs. Here are my two favorites, both taken during the introduction of the original iPad. They’re not nearly as good as this one by Duncan Davidson, but I still like ’em. On stage: ...


Fremont Fog

Looking for some serenity? This is what greeted me when I came to work this morning. Be sure to view it in HD. Shot with a Canon PowerShot G12, edited in iMovie.


This May Be My Fave Photo Ever

Okay, I’m biased by the fact that I just shot it the other day without giving the image any distance, but I really really love this shot. It’s even better when viewed large.


Ellie in the Seattle Times

I wrote a review of the Nikon D90 camera for the Seattle Times (see Nikon, Canon push digital still cameras to a new level, Nov. 15, 2008), and included an image of Ellie to demonstrate the camera's low-light capabilities.



It’s now been over three months since my daughter was born, and I’m only now starting to feel like things are stabilizing. Not that she knocked anything out of whack, per se, but that everything is just different enough that I haven’t done some things – like update this blog. (I’ve been blogging about Ellie, ...