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2nd Edition Addendum Now Available

Do you already have a print copy of the second edition? I inadvertently forgot to post the addendum, which I had to pull from the print version due to a page count limitation. You can download the chapter, “Helpful Apps for Photographers,” for free here.


To the Printer!

I just got word from my excellent production editor at Peachpit Press that the second edition of The iPad for Photographers was uploaded to the printer this afternoon. That means the book is on schedule to be out by the second or third week of May — probably earlier for the ebook editions. Pre-order the ...


Second Edition Home Stretch

Just a bleary-eyed update to note that the second edition of my book is getting close to being submitted to the publisher! Everything is due Friday, and there’s still a lot to do between now and then (corrections, a few photo reshoots, etc.; I “package” books, which means I deliver a print-ready version to the ...


DSLR Camera Remote Discontinued

I started updating Chapter 3 (“The iPad in the Studio”) for the second edition of The iPad for Photographers, and discovered that OnOne has discontinued DSLR Camera Remote, their product for controlling a camera tethered to a computer via the iPad. The product was discontinued on March 12, and support will end on May 12, ...


Feedback for the Second Edition

I’m currently working on the second edition of The iPad for Photographers and would love to get your feedback. What’s missing? What needs more detail? What needs to be jettisoned? I have my own lists, of course. For example, the next edition will include more detail about working wirelessly, using devices like the CamRanger and ...


Meet Me at Macworld/iWorld Feb 2!

The Macworld/iWorld conference is coming up fast this month, where I’ll be giving a presentation about using the iPad in photography (“TT834: The iPad for Photographers: Rate, Tag, Edit, and Publish Photos from the Field”). It’s on Friday, Feb 1 at 2 p.m: Tired of lugging a laptop on vacation or on location just to ...


Me and the Book in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune

Apparently it’s Jeff-in-the-Media Day! Nick Bilton at the New York Times wrote a great overview article about using the iPad with photography: The iPad as a Hand-Held Darkroom. Jeff Carlson, author of the book “The iPad for Photographers,” sometimes bypasses the iPad camera connection kit in favor of an EyeFi SD card and an app ...


Watch my Photo Club Webcast

The replay of my Peachpit Photo Club webcast is now live. See how to wirelessly transfer photos from any camera to the iPad — live! Watch as I edit photos in iPhoto for iOS! Marvel at how I can start the presentation without realizing that I hadn’t yet shared my screen with the rest of ...


Join My Peachpit Photo Club Presentation on Sep 18!

This is going to be fun: Next Tuesday, September 18, I’m doing a free Peachpit Photo Club presentation about The iPad for Photographers (8 PM EST/5 PM PST). Join me for an hour of live instruction about importing photos wirelessly from a camera to the iPad, rating and tagging photos using Photosmith, editing images, and more. ...


Peachpit Photo Summer Sale

Peachpit is running a sale on all photography books, including The iPad for Photographers, offering 35% off one title or 40% off two or more titles! Great for grabbing some titles to read while camping, on the beach, or waiting for a long-exposure shot to finish.