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Author, photographer, and late-nighter Jeff Carlson writes for outlets such as Macworld, DPReview, Creative Pro, and others, and is a contributing editor for TidBITS. He is the author of Take Control of Your Digital Photos; The Photographer's Guide to Luminar, Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course; and The iPad for Photographers, among many other titles.


Importing iMovie 3.0.3 Projects into FCE

MacFixIt reports that Final Cut Express cannot import iMovie 3.0.3 files, saying that the project file isn’t an iMovie 3 file. No doubt this will be fixed in a future update. But if you’re creating movies in iMovie 3.0.3 and then handing them off to someone using FCE (or switching between the two programs yourself), ...


New Favorite Coffeehouse

Herkimer Coffee is my new favorite coffeehouse. Why? Location: At the corner of Greenwood and N. 74th St. in Seattle, it gets a good deal of foot traffic, lots of morning coffee commuters, and there are a number of cool funky shops nearby. Caffe Vita Coffee: Caffe Vita is a Seattle coffee roaster that’s starting ...


Puzzling Architecture

Architecture can be so vague… I wonder what this future store could possibly be? (Taken on Chicago’s “Miracle Mile” section of Michigan St.; click for larger image.)


Crop Photos Using Ken Burns Effect

You can use the Ken Burns Effect to crop photos: At the Start stage, specify a zoom amount. Then Option-click the Finish button to set the same zoom value. When you click the Apply button, the photo is added to the Timeline as a regular still photo, not a Ken Burns clip. You can also ...


iMovie 3.0.3 – Go Get It

On the same day that Apple released QuickTime 6.3, they also rolled out iMovie 3.0.3 (quite the busy day for the Cupertino crowd!). Although it doesn’t fix all of the outstanding problems with iMovie 3, performance seems greatly improved, and there’s now a control for enabling or disabling the Ken Burns Effect. I’m writing this ...


QuickTime 6.3 Released

Apple has made QuickTime 6.3 available today. Amid a bunch of added acronyms, the About page says, “Significant improvements to DV audio and video synchronization.” Hopefully, this will solve many of the A/V exporting issues that many iMovie users are experiencing. The update is available through Software Update, or can be downloaded (20 MB) from ...


Armed Ferry Escort

I haven’t taken a Seattle ferry for several months, so today I was a little surprised to see an armed U.S. Coast Guard escort of the Bainbridge Island run. I imagine this is pretty regular stuff nowadays, but it still feels like a strange sight (just like seeing Army reservists standing guard with M16 rifles ...


It’s a Wrap!

I received word yesterday from Peachpit that the iMovie 3 book went off to the printer! Expect to see it on store shelves within three to four weeks. Between now and then, I’ll be looking at options for putting some material online, or possibly making the entire PDF of the book available, either as a ...


LyricScraper: So Freakin’ Cool

If you’re on a Mac running OS X, go download Konfabulator, one of the great cool programs to emerge in a long time. It’s a framework for running widgets that can do just about anything: display the current weather, update stock quotes, or even play games. Konfabulator widgets appear on your desktop, and can show ...


Coffee Geek

Here’s my brief coffee story: I’ve always loved the smell of coffee, but didn’t develop a taste for it until college, when I needed to stay up late to write papers but the sugar in Coke was playing havoc with my stomach. This is around the time that espresso carts started to appear everywhere in ...