A Couple of Audio Editing Tips

I’m working on the Audio Editing chapter of the iMovie 4 book, and, because I need a break from looking at pages in InDesign, thought I’d post a couple cool new things.

  • With an audio clip selected, do one of the following:
    • Position the Playhead in the middle of the clip and press the right or left arrow keys to move the clip one frame at a time (hold Shift to move 10 frames at a time).
    • Position the Playhead at the left or right edge of the clip and press the right or left arrow keys to show or hide footage (using Direct Trimming) in one-frame (or 10, with Shift) increments.
  • When adding songs from the iTunes library in the Audio pane, you can drag a song to the Monitor and it will be placed at the current Playhead location.
  • With audio waveforms displayed (turn them on in iMovie’s preferences), select a clip and press the up arrow key to make the waveforms taller; press the down arrow key to bring them back down to size.

Okay, so three tips is more than “a couple” – it’s a bonus day! Time for more coffee so I can finish the chapter.

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