New Coffeehouse Worth Mentioning

I’m working on three articles today, so I decided to get out of the house and absorb some coffeehouse atmosphere while I worked. Normally, I’d stick to one of my favorites, but today I took a drive to the University district to check out the new UZ (University Zoka), a few blocks north of University Village.

This is the second Zoka store, after the first one in the Meridian District (near my old offices). I never took to the original one: despite serving good coffee and offering free Wi-Fi access, the place is cavernous and not, to me, very conducive to working. I prefer something slightly more intimate.

UZ achieves what I like: wood-paneled walls (the good type of wood paneling, not the icky 70s stuff), lots of tables – including long tables where up to eight or ten people can work) – and good coffee. I ended up not staying long, though, because the table I chose wasn’t sturdy or flat; typing jostled my PowerBook, and every time I leaned on the table it dipped toward me. Surprising, since this is a brand new coffeeshop, but in fairness the table looked hewn from a tree trunk, so it had its own charm. I’m sure that having coffee without a laptop would be nice.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out. Given the high student population in the area, I imagine it will do well.

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