Adding Sound Effects

Daniel C. Slagle pointed out in email that my description of how to add your own sound effects to iMovie is unneccessarily complicated (see page 115, which explains how to add a sound file to the iMovie 3 application package). He correctly notes that a change you make using this method can be wiped out when Apple releases an iMovie update.

Instead, he recommends Apple’s method, which is:

    In your user/Library folder, find the iMovie folder (create one if it’s not already there). Inside there, find the “Sound Effects” folder (create one if it’s not already there). Once you put NEW folders of sounds into this folder (eg: Movie Sounds, Laser Sounds, Animal Sounds, etc), they will show up as indented lists in the iMovie 3 audio menu when you choose “iMovie Sound Effects.”

The thing is, when I was working on that chapter, I could never reliably get this to work (even on multiple machines), which is why I opted for the method that appears in the book. It could be that the 3.0.3 or even 3.0.2 update fixed the glitch I was experiencing.

Either way, now you have two methods of adding your own sound effects!

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