Bring ’em On

Finally, democrats are starting to stand up from the cowered stance they’ve been in with regard to the Bush White House. In a news item on CNN, democratic leaders denouced bush’s tough-guy manner of speech, specifically when he said “bring ’em on” in response to a question about the continuing attacks in Iraq that have killed 26 US soldiers.

    “The deteriorating situation in Iraq requires less swagger and more thoughtfulness and statesmanship,” [John] Kerry said in a written statement.

It’s bad enough that increasingly larger areas of the world see the US as a bully, thanks to the Bush administration’s frustrating go-it-alone stance. But to have Bush fire off sound bites that sound like they come from bad Western movies only reinforces how he’s unqualified to be a world leader.

Granted, the democrats are making a little hay over one quote, and blowing it out of proportion a bit. But at least they’re finally saying something. If there’s any chance of getting Bush out of the White House and start repairing the damage he’s caused, it’s going to take some democratic spine.

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