Cult of TiVo

The New York Times has an amusing article called “Why TiVo Owners Can’t Shut Up“. We’re a vocal minority, to be sure, which could be one reasy why TiVo, according to the article, hasn’t done any advertising since 2000. In addition to talking about the benefits of TiVo, the article speculates that one reason people like it so much is that

    there is something thrilling about being unshackled, at least partly, from a device that for years has had people at its mercy. Skipping ads and thumbing your nose at the scheduling structure imposed by corporate broadcasters feels, if not exactly revolutionary, at least titillating.

There’s certainly an aspect of that to using TiVo, but I have a better explanation: I don’t want to see it go away. The more people I can convince to buy a TiVo, the better the company’s chances for continuing to operate and providing me with a service I enjoy. I’ll bet TiVo owners were probably also HomeGrocer/Webvan and customers… great ideas that died in the marketplace. You can make me drive to the supermarket for my food, but don’t take away my TiVo!

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