Big PowerBook and Tom Bihn

I’m writing a short piece for the Seattle Times about large laptops, which enabled me to get a 17-inch PowerBook G4 from Apple on loan. It’s a beautiful machine, but man is it big. I got to play with the floor models on display at Macworld Expo in January, but you don’t get a sense of size on their light tables. Now, I have it in more familiar surroundings, so I can see how it feels on my desk at work, at a coffeeshop, etc.

Part of that entails carrying it around. In preparation, I contacted, a Seattle-area maker of bags and carrying cases, to see if I could borrow one of their sleeves for the new machine. They have a retail store downtown on 2nd and James, so I trekked down and met with Tom to pick up a Size 1 Monolith sleeve. I already own a Brain Bag backpack that I carry my Titanium PowerBook in (plus a ton of other stuff… it’s a big bag), and the Monolith fits snugly into the main storage pocket. It was great to chat with Tom and Darcy Hudgens, who was also in the store that day.

I’ll link to the Seattle article when it’s published, plus the full review of the PowerBook in TidBITS when it’s done.

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