iMovie 3 VQS Blog

Final Cut Express: VQS is almost out the door, which means it’s time to start focusing most of my time on writing iMovie 3: VQS. To celebrate, I’ve created an iMovie 3 VQS blog, where I’ll post tips and info that I run across as I write, and links to resources that are mentioned in the final book.

I’ve created companion Web sites for each book I’ve written, but I’ll admit that it’s difficult to maintain them all. There comes a point after the book is done when I just can’t look at that information anymore. Plus, it can be a hassle to go in and mark up HTML pages to reflect new information.

Frankly, this is exactly the type of task that blogs are good for: it will be much easier for me to link to software updates, third-party tools, or related information. I’m inspired by my ever-blogging officemate Glenn Fleishman and his blogging work for his Wireless Networking Starter Kit, such as his AirPort Blog.

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