Hotelling in Downtown Seattle

My wife works in the marketing department of a biopharmaceutical company, which often has advantages that I get to enjoy. This weekend, she’s supervising a video shoot in downtown Seattle, and because she’s working from dawn til dusk, she has a hotel room for the weekend at The Inn at Harbor Steps. Of course, I could just stay at home a few miles away, but why do that? So I’m sharing her deluxe King room.

I don’t travel often, but I’ve learned to notice the important details that make some hotels stand out from others. Often it’s just the little things: for example, in the services booklet in our room, there’s a page for late-nighters, listing nearby restaurants open until 1 a.m., 4 a.m., or all-night. Nice!

Some hotels make the same mistakes, too: I’ve stayed in only one hotel, The Touchstone in San Francisco, that had a desk chair that could be raised or lowered; in most cases, the desks are sized for writing, not for using a laptop, so they’re too high and make my wrists hurt after a short amount of time. I’d also love to have broadband Net access in the rooms, which I’m sure will happen eventually, but which seems to be trickling into use slower than I’d expect. And, of course, the charges for making local phone calls are flat-out ridiculous.

Getting to a hotel is also good for my working brain, too, sometimes. I have a lot to do this weekend: finishing editing chapters for the Final Cut Express book, putting together Monday’s issue of TidBITS, and finishing an article for HOW Magazine. Getting into a new environment often helps me stay focused… Lord knows I can always use more focus!

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