iTunes 11 and The iPad & iPad mini Pocket Guide

As I was finishing my book The iPad & iPad mini Pocket Guide, 4th Edition, Apple was due to release iTunes 11, a redesign of the stalwart media player and hub for iOS devices. Unfortunately for me, Apple pushed the release back a month, which meant that the book went to press with some now-slightly inaccurate information.

For the most part, my descriptions of working within iTunes are still accurate. The big change is in how you access your iPad and other iOS devices. In the old version of iTunes, your iPad appears in the sidebar along the left side of the window.

In iTunes 11, iOS devices are accessed in a different way. However, the sidebar is still available, just hidden. If you’d like to restore it, choose View > Show Sidebar.

The preferred method of working with devices is a new button that appears at the right edge of the window when a device is connected.

Itunes11 devices popover wide2

Click a device to access its settings, which you’ll see are similar to the previous version.

Itunes11 devices settings

So as you’re reading the book, if some interaction with iTunes doesn’t match with what I’ve written, the easiest thing to do is to view the sidebar. For more details about what’s changed, see my article at TidBITS, “iTunes 11 Thinks Different about iOS Devices.”

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